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TNA One Night Only: Rivals PPV Spoilers

Caution: DANGER!! DANGER!! ALERT!! ALERT!! You’re about to view upcoming Impact Wrestling PPV Spoilers! TNA One Night Only: Rivals Show » Angelina Love beat Madison Rayne by cheating. Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim in a must see match.  

Divas Match Announced For NXT Takeover 2

NXT will have it’s 3rd live special next month on September 11, and already announced for the show is the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte vs. the quirky Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship!! If you’d like to read the spoilers on how the match became about you can click here to read the NXT Spoilers for next month! So what are your guys thoughts? Tweet us on what match you want to see at Take-Over 2!!

New NXT Diva Debuts at NXT Tapings

With most of our NXT divas making their way up to the main roster, the NXT diva division is getting smaller and smaller! But no need to worry, we can add one more diva to our talented roster and that is Carmella! For those who don’t know much about Carmella, let me give you the details. The gimmick she is portraying is the “Princess of Staten Island”  so it looks like she’s going to be a big bitch! Carmella’s debut match […]

Upcoming NXT Spoilers

CAUTION: DANGER!! DANGER!! ALERT!! ALERT!! You’re about to view spoilers for upcoming NXT Shows! 8/21/2014 Episode: Show » – Becky Lynch is out first. Becky had new ring gear but lost to NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte with the Bow Down. – Natalya defeated Carmella. This was Carmella’s TV debut. 8/28/14 Episode: Show » Bayley defeated Sasha Banks. Sasha had a new theme song. Renee Young interviewed Bayley after the match and it will be her vs. Charlotte for the NXT Women’s […]

Original Plans for Brie vs Stephanie at Summerslam

This past week on Raw we saw Brie Bella return to Raw where she challenged Stephanie to a match at Summerslam and if her request was granted, she would drop all charges on Stephanie for slapping her the week before. But that wasn’t always the original plan for the storyline, it was actually tweaked a bit. The original plans for the Stephanie and Brie rivalry was to see them battle it out in the ring at Summerslam and if Brie […]

What if Raw was a Sitcom?

Have you guys ever wondered what WWE would be like if it was a 90′s sitcom? No? Yes? Well I haven’t, but WWE decided it would be fun to make a Raw opening as if it were a sitcom, and let me be the first to put them on blast for only having one diva on this opening. Rude. But anyways take a look for yourself and be the judge! (:

Eden’s Weekly’s Video Blog

Just like last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, it’s time to go into the life of WWE Diva Eden! In this week’s video she tries to make amends with Tom Phillip after last weeks incident! Check it out all below!

Brie Bella Discusses Stephanie McMahon and Summerslam

After the big catfight on Raw this past week, Michael Cole caught up with Brie Bella to learn a bit more on what was going through her mind. And no, this isn’t your normal Q&A, this a bit more personal, it’s more serious, so make sure you listen closely. Brie Mode is in full effect baby, so you better believe Steph will go through hell like Nikki was put through and that Stephanie fans… is reality. (;

Gail Kim Comments on Recent Changes to the Knockouts Division

It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot, imma take my clothes off.  (Yes, that was a song just for those who don’t know) The reason it’s getting hot in here is because Smartasses Magazine’s 2014 Sexiest Woman Alive Gail Kim joined the online magazine in a interview where she talked about a number of topics. Topics included: TNA’s product, Lei’d Tapa, her character and much more! In response to recent changes in […]

Smackdown Spoilers
Smackdown Spoilers 3/27/14

CAUTION: DANGER!! DANGER!! ALERT!! ALERT!! You’re about to view Smackdown Spoilers for this Friday! Show » * Big Show is interviewed by Renee Young and he talks about how twisted The Wyatt Family is. He says some of the stuff they say weirdly makes sense. * Fandango vs. Goldust is up next. Cody Rhodes did not come out. Fandango gets the win after Summer Rae distracted Goldust. * Vickie Guerrero is out for commentary on the next match. The Bella Twins […]